Real estate transactions problems blockchain technology can fix:

Real estate is an

illiquid asset.

Transactions are complex and costly.

Data ownership is complicated.

Access to property takes a lot of time.

Fraudulent titles.

Unclear processes for property transfers.

Costly intermidiaries.

Fraud and corruption.

Welcome to the renaissance of real estate.

WePo is a distributed property listings database currently in development and where you will be able to earn rewards by adding securitized and tradable real estate listings. 

Earn by participating in the tokenization of real estate assets.

The assets will be accessible in the form of listings on the WePo platform. 

Buy or sell your WePo tokens for other currencies on exchanges.

WePo community members will bid on your listings to provide utility services or marketing distribution.

Hence we decided to work on the creation of a web platform paired with a private blockchain system & token currency designed to entice the digitalization and securitization of real estate properties stored in the form of encrypted assets. 

WePo tokens are designed to incentivize the creation of tradable real estate listings on a private distributed network. Token Owners will then be able to trade with partners who distribute the listings via their own marketing platforms or create apps on the WePo Platform.

The invention and evolution of distributed networks & cryptocurrencies trading practices now offer the ability to tie real-world assets with digital assets that are not duplicable and can’t be tampered with. 

This process offers the opportunity for institutions and individuals to cut through the middleman in their real estate transactions; substantially reducing transactional costs as well as improving the liquidity of the asset.

Real estate is considered a good match for the technology and tech startups developing solutions for the trading; escrowing and recording ownership of real estate on distributed networks spurred all over the world.

One of the main problem these startups will have is the lack of digitalized real estate listings in the form of securitized assets to work with.

We envision a future with large cross-chain exchange layers between public and private blockchains and we designed our service with the intent to be useful and relevant in that context by speeding up the process of taking real estate and uploading it as encrypted, securitized and tradable assets to secure online markets.

Why use WePo?

The idea:



Real estate professionals

Construction businesses

Property mgt businesses


Private sellers

MLS operators

Internet property portals 

Who should use WePo?


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