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Newport Beach based company releases new luxury travel service aimed at international real estate buyers. Vici Travels is hybrid travel, real estate service looking to blend the line between the two industries.

It's a long standing known fact that international real estate is tied to travel. People either fall in love with a place while they are travelling or travel with the purpose of coming to see a place they saw online. The Newport Beach based launched a new service aiming at combining both into a single experience. The company looks like your traditional online travel agency except once you start paying attention to their tours and notice that there are business opportunities and meetups with local entrepreneurs weaved in the itineraries. Luxury travellers can enjoy a good time while visiting vetted business opportunities and meeting interesting local personalities. It's a fun and revolutionary new way to invest while having a good time says their CEO, Philippe Labrie.

The company already has an extensive list of clients and offers luxury & business themed tours in the U.S, Canada, Spain, Italy and Australia and plans on aggressively developing their pool of offered destinations. The tours are customized and tailored to the needs and personalities of each group but the business opportunities remain the same and are focused on high quality luxury real estate but also extends to yachts, jets & art. Thanks to the company co-founder, investment banker and luxury broker, Ralph Liu. Ralph's experience ensures that the business offerings are valuable and interesting. The co-founders surrounded themselves with a team of A players and are looking to attract new talent.

" Luxury travel + Real estate + Meeting new people is the combo our international real estate clients were asking for, that's why we launched Vici."

- Phil Labrie, CEO of Vici Travels

According to the CEO, what differentiates Vici Travels with the other luxury travel agencies is not just the business and new relationships opportunities but the team's experience in providing international real estate buyers investors with a great online service. Which was a major part of previous of projects of the co-founders. The service delivers very fast and helpful online service when you send them a question and each of their client goes through a small survey, then their travel agents follow up with a customised itinerary and a list of potential people to meet during the trip. Furthermore, during the trip their team acts as technology empowered real time assistants which allows the traveller to easily make live changes to the itinerary, the invited guests or whatever requests their clients have.

Progess is fast in the travel and real estate industries and the team at Vici Travels intends to always keep themselves a step ahead in the game in order to provide their clients with the best experience possible.

For more information please refer to or contact:

Philippe Labrie 819-775-2465

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