Gateway: Kelowna International Airport 

Best time to go: August to October 

Customizable dates and itinerary 

Customizable dates and itinerary 

Best time to go: June to October 

Gateway: Ottawa International Airport 

Gateway: LAX Airport 

Deadline: December 1, 2017 

Next tour: February 26, 2018 

Wineries & real estate

Specific events

Overview:  Experience California's great beaches, resorts & wineries plus discover Hollywood and the luxurious homes of it's celebrities just before attending our exclusive party during the Oscars.

Overview: Land in Kelowna and enjoy the scenic lake vistas, dry and mild climate while you tour timeless estates and wineries in the Okanagan valley. The region's best winery operators and incredible sceneries welcome you. 

Overview: Visit incredible properties & wineries in a fun itinerary that goes from the capital of Canada, through the province of Quebec and around to the most romantic city in North America: Montreal.  

Customizable dates and itinerary 

Best time to go: March to November 

Gateway: Sydney Airport 

Overview: Discover Sydney then the beautiful and glorious Hunter Valley where you'll experience the oldest and most experienced Wineries in Australia. Don't forget to enjoy the incredible scenery too. 

Overview:  Land in Florence and live one of a time tour of Tuscany which is regarded as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and home to influential 

figures in the history of art and science. 

Gateway: Fiumicino (Rome) or Florence Airports 

Best time to go: April, May, June, September and October 

Customizable dates and itinerary 

Customizable dates and itinerary 

Best time to go: June to August 

Gateway: Palma de Mallorca Airport  

Overview:  Experience the incredible wineries and estates on the largest island in the Balearic 

Islands archipelago, which are part of 

Spain and located in the Mediterranean.   

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