What we do

Vici Travels is a full service luxury travel agency which offers some of the world's greatest travel experiences combined with exclusive opportunities in local ventures, real estate, yachts, jets and fine art. 
Curated tours
Each destination is handpicked and it's service providers must meet our demanding quality standards.
Business opportunities
Our business specialists are dedicated to finding awesome and exclusive business opportunities for you.
Great guests
During the tours you will have the chance to discover interesting local personalities.
Top destinations only
We offer only the best destinations. Our team experiences each destination before offering it to our clients.
Memorable experiences
We are committed and pay great attention to all the details in order to deliver you with a positive and memorable experience.

Management team

Ralph Y. Liu


Ralph led a bright career in derivatives trading, investment banking and institutional investment with major financial institutions. He's now a venture investor, commercial property broker, super yacht broker, fine art dealer & collector. 

Philippe Labrie

Chief Executive Officer

Phil is an Entrepreneur with penchant for travel, real estate, space and technology. He launched multiple successful ventures and is passionate about culture and exploration. You will often find him with a fishing hat on a quiet lake in Canada.

Brandon Tuttle

Regional Manager, Australia

Brandon has dealt with some of the largest retail corporations in Australia and has a strong track record of building creative and attractive brands in the new digital landscape. A Syndney local, you will often find Brandon surfing the waves or enjoying Hunter Valley.

Regional Manager, Spain

Based in Majorca, Carlos will be the first one to tell you he has the priviledge and pleasure to provide his Yachts and Real estate clients with the best pieces of paradise over there. Too young to join Apollo 11 mission because he was to young he instead opted for the titles of Father, Sailor, Bridge player & Ararat drinker.

Serenella Tonini

Regional Manager, Italy

Serenella has been considered as a reliable and competent Lawyer and mediator in Italy for over 20 years. Just ask any of her clients. Today she still practices and study but her heart got stolen by the travel industry. At first she loved organising destinations for her, then her family and friends, but more recently she decided to jump into it head on with Vici travels.


Vici Travels was Co-Founded by Ralph Y. Liu and Philippe Labrie. Ralph had the vision of a full-service luxury travel agency with a staff of passionate professionals along with superb relationships with select travel partners. The vision includes providing an incredible travel experience but also allowing access to quality business opportunities. In 2016 Ralph met with Phil and saw the opportunity to take the vision to life so the two co-founders went to work and a few days later Vici Travels was born.

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