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British Columbia, Canada

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Why Vici Travels

Unique formula

At Vici Travels we strive to deliver you with a fun, luxurious and unforgivable experience. We offer a unique formula of luxurious tours combined with exclusive business offers in wineries, unique real estate, super yachts, private jets and fine art. 

Great guests

Ideal for groups of 6 to 20 our tours include a complete itinerary as well as evenings with interesting and distinguished guests. Let our team handle the invitations and planning and just kick back and enjoy the insider-access opportunities unlike any you have experienced before.

Quality experience

Our tour itineraries are crafted with attention to details, destination knowledge and experience. We also work closely with quality local partners that do their best to make sure you get an awesome experience. Discover it for yourself today!

The level of service was first class and everything was very well organised. At first we had little idea of what Southern California had to offer but thanks to Ralph, his team and his contacts we had a great experience.

— Robert Lěi